Why no Groov View with RIO?

Just wondering… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Single core CPU for one.
Its remote IO, not a controller for two.

The Node-RED dashboard not doing it for you? I have seem some amazing customer dashboards already…

The dashboard is usable but an incredible pain compared to Groov View. It would sure make building small stand-alone applications a lot quicker if the RIO had Groov View.

Potential can of worms here.

Node Red dashboard can be made to work but why give us that option of you have spent so many hours developing your own (Groov View)?

I feel Groov View would have made the RIO whole, from an Opto22 standpoint. I can understand from a sales point what your reasons are, the processor being a drawback is something that can be overcome.

A product like this has HUGE potential :grinning:

Thanks for the reply

I for one am glad the RIO is low cost and light weight. It is nice to have a flexible IO device that can compete with much less expensive competitive devices. Node-Red already gives it an edge over those competitors. If people need PID controls and Groov View then they can easily add an Epic or AR-1.
For me, I want to keep the pricing on this as low as we can get it. We have needed this alternative for a long time.

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Norm - FYI, RIO f/w V3+ now has PID loops (at no extra cost).