Why do we have to RECHECK the box?

Dear Opto Programmers,
Why oh why do you make us re-check the check box in PAC Display Config v 10 every time we make a change to one of the parameters in the Dynamic Attributes? You didn’t used to make us do this. It’s an extra, unnecessary click. Please get rid of it, so we can go back to the good old days. Thanks! (And get off my lawn!) :smiley:


It is rather annoying. Totally agree
Don’t know if this issue is my side only but I have to double click for it to tick the box

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@epic For me, it seems that if I don’t accidentally click the “Ok” button (which I do ALL THE TIME) or anywhere else in that window before trying to re-check the box, by clicking EXACTLY on the box, then it will check when I click once.

I thought this was a feature for those PAC Display users that were jealous of the groov build users that got to excessively use their mouse for everything. :wink:

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@ktgaston and @epic I just reached out to the software guys on this one…
Here is one reply…

“Some customers like the new dynamic attribute dialog and others like the old one.
The user can use the old Dynamic Attribute Dialog. Go to File > Configurator Options > Use Older Dynamic Attribute Dialogs.”

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WHAT!?!?! That’s been there the whole time since they changed those Dialog Boxes??? :exploding_head:

Man! I’ve been angry about that for years! Who knew about this and didn’t tell me?

Thanks for looking into this @Beno.

Heh, yeah, its in the manual, but hey, who reads them after they have been using the software for so long.
Thanks for posting here, sometimes we can help with little gems like this, sometimes we cant, but we always appreciate hearing how things are going.


cheers mate - goes to show that us old dogs get stuck in our ways