White screen in View when you navigate between pages

I am not sure what the proper terminology is for my question. In Groov View, when you navigate to another screen, the first screen disappears and a ‘white’ screen opens indicating ‘loading’ and displays the name of the screen loading.

Am just now getting our project to the point of running in ‘View’ and noticed this. This may be normal, not sure.

If it is ‘normal’, what is the reason and can it be hidden. I’m sure our customers will not like this. I know there is a ‘delay’ between loading displays as Groov loads the new display & associated gadgets.

Thanks, Dave
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I think what you are seeing the building of the screen…
In the way distant past, groov used to load the whole project at first download and it could take a while.
Now it only loads the first screen and builds the rest as they are needed.

Once you use your project a bit, those screens should stop showing?

OK, makes sense. So 'in ‘theory’, once we get our project completed, if during our QC process we open each display and let Groov ‘build’ each screen. This should then minimize future 'build screen’s?

If the Groov/EPIC was power cycled, (as is often the case) does Groov/EPIC save that information, store something in memory. So the next time the user turns on Groov/EPIC they wouldn’t necessarily see the ‘build’ delays?

Thanks for the information, Dave

No. View mode only keeps the page you’re actively viewing in memory. You’ll see the Loading bit on every page switch.

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Hmmm Good to know, thanks for the information


Revisiting this topic.
I know that GView has a ‘delay’ while loading the next screen. Just a thought: Is there a flag or a switch within GView to not display this ‘build notice’? In a way its just redundant, if I press a button to open the ‘Main’ screen, I don’t necessarily need a visual reminder to let me know that GView is performing this action. Our customers cycle through many screens during a test, I’m thinking this will become a nuisance.

There’s no delay introduced: we kick off a request for the next page’s contents and while it’s loading in the background display a notice. It’s mostly there to give users feedback to indicate that something is happening: it’s not super necessary on a desktop computer with a solid internet connection, but on a phone in an area with spotty coverage you really want some indication that your click/tap was recognized.

That makes sense, just thought there would be a way to enable/disable the notice.
Thanks for the information.


Would it be possible for groov to cache the previous few screens to speed up some navigation? ie. if a user jumps back and forth between 2-3 screens for the majority of use. Or maybe select in the project which screens to always load (with a max number).

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