Which is the highest version of the S1 firmware?

Hello everyone!
In 2008, a S1 controller was installed on site and has been running normally. The PAC control software used at that time seemed to be 8.2. The customer wants to upgrade the PAC control software to 9.6. Does the S1 firmware need to be upgraded? Which is the highest version of the S1 firmware? Where can I download it? I’ve only found firmware for various smart I0s.
Another question, can S1 and R1 controllers communicate with kingSCADA of wellintech (https://www.wellintech.com/)?


You can easily search for the S1 firmware on our site or even Google.

The latest firmware is 10.4d.
So your customer at 9.6 is very old and out of date.
You can use higher version PAC Project, but not any new commands that might be in the strategy and not in the firmware. Its best to use both at the same version.
If you want to download old firmware to match your customers old PAC Project version, you can get it from our FTP site, but honestly, most times I recommend you the latest PAC Project and firmware versions.

FTP address, thank you! Buying the newest takes time.

The old control strategy was completed with Pro, do I need to use PRO for the upgrade? What is the price of the latest version of PAC Control Professional?

If the original strategy is developed with PAC Cobtrol Pro, you need the Pro version to open it and upgrade to the latest. If you are located outside of the US, you might have to contact you local Opto 22 distributor for pricing.

I do not know the Wellintech SCADA software, but if it has a OPC client interface, it will be able to connect with PAC Control based systems. Either using the OptoOPCServer product (OPC-DA) or the 3rd party OPC-UA Server from Kepware.

The latest firmware can easily be downloaded from our website here.

Be careful with firmware >= 10 and PAC Control < 10. Dumb things happen.


PAC Control be like

“10.0” < “9.6” = Yep! :crazy_face:

instead of

10.0 < 9.6 = Nope! :sunglasses:

Correct. I hope I did not give that impression as you well know, its not the case.
Thanks for the clarity.

Yep, just quoted you for context.

Thank you teachers for your help and reminders, I will carefully complete the needs of users, thank you again!