Which groov EPIC Module for humidity sensor?

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May I ask if what module can read a humidity sensor?
I have already created in our Data Center a Temperature Monitoring and used the GRV-ITMI-8 module.

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That all depends on the sort of Humidity sensor you are using.
I would look at a humidity sensor with a mV output within the specs of your ITMI module if there are any spare open channels.

Have a look at the ITMI datasheet for the input ranges it can handle.

“The GRV-ITMI-8 analog module provides 8 channels of input from
millivolt or thermocouple field devices. Each channel is individually
configurable for ±1200 mV, ±600 mV, ±300 mV, ±150 mV, ±75 mV,
±50 mV, ±25 mV or Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S, or T thermocouples”

your other option is mA and using the GRV-IMA-24.

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Hi Sir @Jakes,

If I use the GRV-ITMI-8 module and put the “EE10” Temp and Humidity sensor in the +/- mV channels I get a millivolt variable. Do i need to convert it to get the humidity value?

Sorry for the trouble Sir, I was just started to study the OPTO products and Im amused with it.

Thank you for the support.

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When I google that, this is the first result;

Look at the output options;

None of them match the GRV-ITMI-8 input ranges.
Sorry, but it wont work.

To answer your question, yes, you will need to convert it to get the humidity value.

To add to what Ben said.

You would now need a GROOV analogue input module to use on that particular sensor. Which might be a little expensive for just one sensor. Perhaps look for one within your module input ranges.

But from what I have seen online MOST of those sensors have 4-20mA outputs…

Good luck