Where is Snap S1 API info?

Where do I find the API Key name/value/SSL cert for an S1 controller? I need these to read/write to said controller from Node-Red.

First, you need to turn on the HTTP port in PAC Manager:

Save to flash and reboot.

Then hit the IP address/admin/keys

But all this is broken down into nice steps in the manual… so yeah, just two quick screenshots to give you a jump start.

EDIT: I know this flies in the face of ‘security first’, but the PAC controllers can do SSL, but it really slows them down, the key/cert crunching on every API request is… well… unfun…

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Which manual?
Also, It doesn’t work for me.

I can get to here, but the default login doesn’t seem to work:

That means someone has already set it up.
I have never had the default not work.
Once you put the default in, it prompts you to change the user/pass.

Paper clip… back to factory is the only way forward.

Use this. Its much more concise.