Where are the animated pictures of pumps?


The pump is SVG, so it will scale up and down and still look the same, so you just click on the pump, and drag the blue box around it to resize it.

I suspect that your arrow is not SVG.


fire_arrows.zip (4.4 KB)
The attached zip file contains up and down variations of this fire arrow as svg graphics. An svg graphic has an invisible boundary. Groov will recognize this invisible boundary as the size of the graphic, but the appearance of the content, such as the arrow, can be smaller within this boundary. So, the attached graphic contain an arrow using the full boundary, and then two that are smaller, not using the full boundary. Of these two, one is centered and the other aligned to the top or bottom edge.

I created 6 graphics. 3 are pointing up. 3 are pointing down.


Great. Thank you very much for your help.:grinning::grinning::grinning: