Where are instructions for firmware update on B3000-ENET

Is there a document that describes how to update firmware on the B3000-ENET.

Check out the chapter “Maintaining the Ethernet-Based I/O Unit” in the form 1460 LEGACY SNAP ETHERNET-BASED I/O UNITS USER’S GUIDE and start looking for a USB-RS232 9pin adaptor and a version of XP or older Windows operating system.

1460 SNAP Ethernet Based IO Units Users Guide.pdf

You will also need to download a copy of ioManager, a configuration tool used to assign IP addresses to legacy Opto 22 Ethernet-based controllers and I/O units. It is available as part of the ioProject Basic and Professional software suites.



You may be able to get ioProject to run on newer windows versions - I have OptoControl R4.1 runnning on Win8.1 - I just had to grab a system file from an XP install (mfc42.dll?) and drop in the Opto directory. I think it told me what was missing when I launched it. Perhaps ioProject will do the same?

I haven’t had any problems running ioProject under Win 7 on several machines.

I’ve used it to program and maintain various legacy devices, but for simply assigning a new IP address, and even updating firmware, I’ve been able to use PACManager, too.

I was able to update a number of B3000-ENETs to the latest available firmware with no problems under PACManager.

But today, I drug out another old B3000-ENET, and wanted to set it up.

I reset to factory defaults, and assigned it a new IP Address, and all went just fine under PACManager. But then I wanted to update its firmware, so I got out my trusty serial cable and attempted to do this, and I couldn’t communicate with its serial port.

I then tried it with ioManager, and that didn’t work, either.

Trying the same setup with a SNAP-UP1-ADS that I have, everything works fine, and the system communicates with it via the serial port fine.

Going back to the B3000-ENET, I find that not only can I not communicate to its serial port, but even though ioManager and PACManager say they’d successfully completed the “Switch to loader mode” command, it appears that the command has not actually done its job because I can still access the B3000-ENET via ethernet. With other controllers/brains, executing that command does, indeed, cut off ethernet communications until I do a power cycle.

So either this B3000-ENET is blown up, or it has such an ancient version of the loader or kernel that it’s not really doing what I’m expecting.

This unit has Loader Version: R1.1m
Memory Map Version 1
Firmware Version R2.0a

I found this thread searching for B3000. I know it’s an old thread, but I thought I’d put my question here rather than start a new thread for it.

The I/O Unit Hardware Revision shows up as 0/0/0 for month, day, year.

Thanks, everyone!