Where are instructions for firmware update on B3000-ENET


Is there a document that describes how to update firmware on the B3000-ENET.


Check out the chapter “Maintaining the Ethernet-Based I/O Unit” in the form 1460 LEGACY SNAP ETHERNET-BASED I/O UNITS USER’S GUIDE and start looking for a USB-RS232 9pin adaptor and a version of XP or older Windows operating system.

1460 SNAP Ethernet Based IO Units Users Guide.pdf

You will also need to download a copy of ioManager, a configuration tool used to assign IP addresses to legacy Opto 22 Ethernet-based controllers and I/O units. It is available as part of the ioProject Basic and Professional software suites.



You may be able to get ioProject to run on newer windows versions - I have OptoControl R4.1 runnning on Win8.1 - I just had to grab a system file from an XP install (mfc42.dll?) and drop in the Opto directory. I think it told me what was missing when I launched it. Perhaps ioProject will do the same?