What's your favorite "modern browser"?

Firefox has topped my list for a variety of reasons. My favorite is due to the built-in ftp client which makes viewing your SNAP-PAC-R or -S files a snap, as mentioned in this post and in much greater detail in [URL=“http://www.opto22.com/community/showthread.php?t=673&”]this post.

Now that groov lets you add webpage links… (as of 2.1, but you know that already because you read it in this OptoNews, right?)

… that means if I’m recording data into a text file on my PAC, I can now add a link onto a groov page to check out that data. Neat-o! Go Firefox! (It doesn’t work in Chrome, although I have NOT tried any “extensions” to Chrome.)


I also use Firefox. We access our data from the PAC using Javascript on the webpage, AJAX, JSON and PHP, this way we can update only portions of the webpage. We find Firefox is able to update the data/images without ‘flashing’ at us. Haven’t checked out Chrome again recently, but that and IE tended to give us a hiccup in the paga data during the update.

As for ftp, again, Firefox is the browser of choice for quick transfers (otherwise Filezilla). Just seems a little bit more reliable for connection than some of the other browsers (historically).