What is this? GRV-ODCSRCHCS-12


  • Product Description: DC output, 12 channels, 5-60 VDC, sourcing, 3 A/ch, on/off only
  • Channel IDs for channel 0-11:
    • 0x94000000 : Simple Digital Output

When is this going to be released? It looks like something I can use in an upcoming project depending on what the full specifications are. Like how many total amps per module? Switching speed? Is this a mechanical relay or an SSR? Is there going to be a smart version of this module?

Its a future module with no release date available as yet.
Its slated to switch 3 amps per channel (subject to change).
The turn on/off time is currently blank in the spec table I am looking at.
It is an SSR.
No smart version listed anywhere that I can see.

This sounds like a perfect module for what I want. Especially if the switching time is around 1ms or less and it could handle all channels being switched on at once (36A total). Can we speed up the production timeline? :wink: