What happened to Command Help in 9.6?

Anyone try the command help in 9.6?

Where did the categories go?

The links on the Commands by Group topic don’t do what I would expect.

While I am on the topic of the built-in help, why does help always open in a tiny window - can it be set to remember it’s size the last time it was open?

Hi Philip,

Yup, we broke it, fix coming for the categories… Also working on the tiny window problem.

But could you tell us more what you “would expect” for the links you mentioned?

Thanks for letting us know!

I would expect clicking on a help link that says “Analog Point Commands” to take me to a list of Analog Point Commands instead of Calculate & Set Analog Gain. I think this is probably a side affect of it being broke though - as “Analog Point Commands” used to be a folder, and now it is a topic.

Okay, thanks. Our tech writers are on it and said “thank you”!