What Firewall Ports Do I Open for the EBx Brains?

I’m going to be installing several EBx brains and I may need to communicate with them through a firewall. What ports do I need to open? I know the PACs use 22001 for PAC Terminal and 2001 for PAC Manager. Are those the same for the brains?


Just 2001 is sufficient for brains under normal circumstances. TCP and UDP are available on that port.

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Can that port be changed? I’m going to have five Opto22 devices all listening on that port. Rather than having to change my port forwarding each time I need to access a device I’d like to be able to change the listening port one time for each one.

Yes, it can be changed, but I wouldn’t change it. Just use a different port on the external side of your port forward.

I may not have a choice because I’m working with a 3rd party IT company so I don’t have complete control over how this gets done.

Won’t you then have to change the port forwards IP address setting each time? :confused:

The port settings are in Communications | Network Security of the PAC Manager Inspect utility.

I don’t think so. If i change the listening port then I would just connect <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>:2001, <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>:2002, <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>:2003, <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>:2004, etc. for each one.

I do that for RDP connections. Default is 3389. I change the listening port to something like 3350, 3351, etc for different PCs. Not sure why it wouldn’t work for the Opto devices.

If the IT guys can do that, then they can surely just do the 2001 IP1 to 2001, 2002 IP2 to 2001, 2003 IP3 to 2001. It would actually be less typing for them…
(Just a thought).

I’m sure you’re right. It’s just that us IT guys are so territorial I never make that assumption. :wink:

They have a saying in I.T. departments. “Ask not what your I.T specialist can do for you, but what you can do for your I.T. specialist” . Buying donuts for them often helps though.

They also have another saying, “did you restart it?”

Also, “Is it plugged in?”