What does this message mean?


Please, can someone explain the message below!

When I logged in, I facing this message all the time.

Thanks, Suchet

This message means that there is some sort of network issue between the EPIC and the browser showing the stale message. Once the browser can talk to the EPIC again the message clears.

Did you try to restart the system?

If this continues to stay, please contact the support team at support@opto22.com. If in between you get a chance to connect again, please provide them the log files.


One more thought, did you change something on the network setup when this occured?

Is this an EPIC controller or a RIO? If EPIC, what is the front display showing for network status?


Thank you GerhardK,

After try to find the root cause, I think I found the cause of this issue. Mostly we remote from the router cloud to groov devices at site. Probably cause from the gsm signal down.

Thanks, again.