What does "edge programmable" mean?

According to a recent webinar, groov EPIC is “Edge Programmable”.

What does edge programmable mean? I cannot find a definition of “edge programmable” or “edge programming”.

Good question - it will be interesting to hear some of the answers.

I don’t think these are right though:

  • You can program it using Microsoft’s latest browser
  • It has new commands to adjust how sharp it is
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There’s a lot more info on the groov EPIC System Info page (http://info.opto22.com/this-is-epic-introducing-groov-epic), especially the brochure linked within, but the general idea is that the EPIC system is a fully programmable controller that sits out at the edge of your network, alongside your devices and I/O.

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Here is a great document from Opto22 to help get you started. I would suggest you read it a couple of times to get familiar with the concepts and terminology. Also why not sign up for one of Opto22’s webinars on the subject and you will learn a load more. They are the best place to learn about edge and epic.


Thanks. I should have thought to look for “edge computing” instead. Here is an article on IOT from Network World with some terms defined.

As near as I can tell from reading this is that the edge refers to the network edge which are the computers that are connected to edge devices (sensors and actuators), and edge computing refers to programming these devices.

The main change is that the edge devices used to be switches, relays, analog-to-from-digital devices and semi-intelligent controllers (usually controlled using text-based command via a serial interface) that were connected to a controller via direct cable connections which are exposed to the software on the controller via some API. With the IOT, the edge devices are connected to the internet itself, and are exposed as services, and edge controllers communicate with the edge devices via http.

Does this mean that the groov EPIC is both an edge device (because it can expose low-level I/O as services) and an edge controller in that it can be programmed to control edge devices?

Yes, Jay. You are on the right lines. Using your definition.

groov-EDGE (red box) is an EDGE device, which allows you to connect to data from connected PLC, PAC, and I/O subsystems, locally process data using the integrated Node-RED software module, before wiring it to APIs, cloud applications, and databases with simple data flows and javascript. It also includes groov VIEW web-based software, allowing you to use any modern phone, computer, tablet, smartphone, or smart TV as an operator interface for connected data

groov-EPIC (black box) is an EDGE controller, which also does all of the above, but also adds local I/O and a real-time industrial controller on the same backplane, avoiding any dependency on the network for control applications. [Unlike some others, Opto22 does not promote Node-RED for millisecond response or critical real-time control]. Ah, and without forgetting that hypnotic integrated high-resolution color touchscreen for commissioning and HMI.

As a rule of thumb, if your application or customer already has dedicated PLCs installed and commissioned, EDGE is the product. It adds the functionality that most PLCs are sadly lacking (i.e. complete integration into the I.T, infrastructure) If he/she/you are starting from zero, need an industrial controller or just want to add some additional I/O points then EPIC is probably the preferred product.

But both products will catapult you into the world of IIoT applications! My recommendation would be to buy one today and start exploring capabilities.

Hi Jay- First, thank you for your interest in groov EPIC, and learning more about what makes EPIC unique and able to solve common issues we face in our day-to-day jobs.

We’ve just released this recorded webinar you mentioned in your original post, where we address problems we see in IIoT applications, define what the acronym EPIC means, and demo some of the many capabilities of this new system. Here’s a link:


I’m also very pleased to see the OptoCommunity offer their perspectives on edge computing. They’re all right on.

Have an EPIC day, -Benson