What antivirus is recommended?

Hi, I would like to know if Opto22 recommends any antivirus that does not have conflicts with Pac Project Pro 9.3 or 9.6? Due to company policies, compulsory use of antivirus is required with any of the computers where the Pac Project Pro is installed.

I appreciate any response.

I have a customer that runs Symantec Internet Security (old Norton) and have no issues other than the regular antivirus annoyances. Also, Windows Defender hasn’t caused any problems and is on pretty much every Windows computer today.

We run AVG without any issues whatsoever

Windows Defender needs to have an exception added for PacDisplay otherwise it hammers the CPU while it constantly scans the PacDisplay network activity.

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Interesting. I haven’t seen this - or haven’t noticed.

I have it running on a low power fanless NUC. It was very noticeable on that… :confounded: PacDisplay was barely operational.

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