What about the N root?

What command is the n square for a number? What about the n square root?


Hi Guys,

As I recall from math class long ago, you do a fractional power, e.g.:

nYourAnswer = Power( n, 1.0/3.0 );

Did you try that?

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According to the docs, the power function only works on integers.


f = Power(27.0, 0.33333);

Just ran this and I got 2.999967. So looks like the docs need updated.

You might have an old version of the manual since it shows floats in the on-line help I have? (I think they come from the same source but I’ll double-check w/the doc team.)

Perhaps more important though, it’s working just fine for me w/an R1.

I can see how the manual is a little confusing, since there’s the list of what’s okay (pretty long) and then there’s the Block example which shows ints for the example. Maybe that’s what you’re looking at?

Yeah, just saw that. The action block is showing integer, but the arguments show that it allows floats. My bad. Looks good.

Thank you very much! I understand.