Website Configurator and Product Selector

I have the following website feedback


  • No way to remove a module without removing all of them - click carefully
  • I can’t seem to be able to save configurations

Product Selector

  • It is much more difficult to find IO modules than on the old website.
  • Signal Type Filters don’t make things easier to find, too many overlapping ranges
  • I would prefer the ability to choose AI, AO, DI, DO, Serial, Other and drill down from there.
  • It would also be nice if the filter results loaded with AJAX, instead of reloading the whole page - If you need to check multiple filter boxes, you have to expand, click, wait for reload, scroll, expand, click, wait for reload - it gets annoying.
  • I just can’t find some things in the product selector, like an S2

@philip Is this in reference to the SNAP configurator or the EPIC one?

Regarding the product selector, I will ensure your feedback is sent to the web team.

Both of them - I was using them last night to compare different options for a customer. I ended up pasting the results into Excel.

Also - be nice if the pricing was listed on the configurator.

Just on the remove all… Did you notice that if you click on the module on the rack, you get a remove option?


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No I didn’t - will try that now…yep that works :+1: