Watchdog config getting cleared


I have a RIO (MM1001-10) and I’m having some issues related with the Watchdog for I/O.
I have a relay wired to CH 9, and if the RIO/channel loses communication I would like for the relay to turn on.

My issue arises when I have a PAC strategy running with the RIO as an I/O device.
Everytime the watchdog activates and flips the relay, all my watchdog settings are reset back to the default.
I can only get this to happen when the watchdog actually activates. Downloading the strategy, starting the strategy, or disabling/enabling comms in PAC Control does not cause the issue.

If I test it without the PAC strategy running and purposefully remove comms from the RIO and force the watchdog to activate, my settings are not cleared and it seems to function as intended.

Here is the settings that I’ve configured multiple times:





Can you please run a test for us…

Just set the watchdog in PAC Control, not in groov Manage. (ie, just in one place, not two - I wonder if they are conflicting with each other having two watchdogs).


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There ended up being another EPIC strategy being run on the other side of our plant, and it was reconfiguring the RIO settings back to default.

Thanks for reporting back what the issue was… You could not get a more perfect example of this than in the last few posts in this thread by @varland