Visibility Tag to oval gadget

I am using Groov epic version1.5.0-b.42.
Has someone assigned visibility tag to an oval gadget or to an image indicator?
When I try to do it, strategy tags appears disabled and it can not be assigned.
same thing happens assigning visibility tag to an image indicator.
Any help would be appreciated

Let me test it here and get back to you…

EDIT. Ok, works as expected for me.
Are you sure you are using Int32 tags. Floats are grayed out.

I’m using Int32 table index x but also numeric variable appears disabled traying to assing visibility tag

Beno this is the strategy created just for test (59.9 KB)

I am using the sim tags. They are easy to see whats happening.

Ah, it is only accepting Bools. Not Int32s. My bad.
@Jonathan_Fischer is this right? The visibility tag only accepts bools?

It would be nice to have it on near future it will give more sense to visibility tag assigment
Tnaks you Beno for your fast responses

Yes, that’s correct: visibility only works with boolean tags at the moment.

That said, you can combine them with Events for as complex a tag arrangement as you like. Just create an Event with the conditions you want to use for visibility, and assign that Event tag to visibility for the gadgets.