View-Only Mode?

Ever since installing our groov box, I had thought that the “kiosk” user was a view-only mode for groov. So finally I need that feature. I guess I should have read the manual! So is there any way to configure the security/groups so that a user can view everything, but not be allowed to change anything? We are trying to demo our new system to other Opto users around the country in our facilities (internet access has been enabled), but don’t want them to change anything.

I realize that I could make duplicate pages without any writes and then set up security groups, but that would involve a lot of effort and resource use.

Thank you.

Short answer is no. The feature you request has been talked about a lot on these forums.
The way you suggest - view only pages - is the only way forward at this point.

The feature is on the table and being looked at (its rather complicated).