View & Node Red

How to link data data from different view devices with node red.
I use the following devices in view:

  • opto22 controller
  • OPC UA Server
  • Modbus Device
  • Data Store

Check out they have each of the nodes you are looking for along with examples.

Opto22 controller
Modbus Device
Data Store

Once you have each of those nodes working with a debug node, you will soon see how to link them together.

If I have misunderstood your question, just let us know.

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Hello and thank you for the return.

To clarify my request, I declared and displayed in Groov view the devices with the following variables:

Device 1: Name: Modbus_Master, Type: Opto 22 controller, Address: localhost 22001
Variable 1: nGen_Value TC0, Integer type

Device 2: Name: My Store, Type: Data Store
Variable 2: nIntger_1, integer type

I would like to transfer the value Variable 1 in Variable 2 every 5s.

With the groov_read and groov_write nodes, I know how to manipulate the variables of a groov view device of type data_store, but how to read is to write the variables of a device device groov view of type Opto 22 controller or other (Device type: local I / O, Data simulator, …)

Do you have an example?

Thank you in advance for your help

Ah, I see what you are trying to do now…
(I might move this post from the Node-RED category to the groov one - since that is what it is about. Hope you don’t mind).

You cant.
It is on the road map, but at the moment you can not access the devices data ‘backwards’. You can only push data into groov to display it. You can not access each of the device types from Node-RED or any other way.
Put simply, there is no API to get data from each device type. Yet.