View MODBUS Device within same Network with a Groove Epic

HI Guys,

I have a network problem with a Groov Epic and a Modbus device within the same network. Currently, my setup has the Groov Epic connected to a VPN Switch with an IP address 192.168.140.XXX, this VPN switch is connected to a router that uses an IP Address 192.168.1.XXX for network extension. And to this extended network, i have a Modbus device connected.

I had setup the whole network so that i can cross communicate between both of them, i can see the Groov Epic and also the Modbus device (IP Address without no problem. But, once i get into the Groov Epic Node red or Groov View, there is no communication between the Groov Epic and the Modbus Device.

I made sure the firewalls for ETH0 are open to all connections (since its all a private network). i can ping both devices from my computer, but i am not able to ping from Groov Manage to the Modbus Device.

Im wondering if there is something that i am leaving behind in order to get this in.


Does the device that is on the same network as your computer have a gateway configured?

Could you provide a screenshot of your EPIC’s Network Status page?

Go to groov Manage > Network > Status

Also, are you using a Class C subnet mask ( on all 3 devices (EPIC, PC, and Modbus device)?

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Hi Guys,

I kept digging around, and I think it might be my VPN switch that is separating the devices. Let me do some digging and ill reply what I find.

Thanks for the fast response guys

HI Guys,

Clsoing the loop, for some reason my VPN router had blocked the IOT device from the network where the Groov Epic was. Reconfigured them all, and i was good to go.

thanks for the heko guys