Video Wall with six 42" monitors?


Water Treatment plant looking for larger video wall for PacProjectPro Display.
Looking for solutions that will have decent resolution over six 42" monitors.

Any users have experience with something like this? Thanks in advance!

When I need to use more than about two monitors I use multiple fanless client PC’s with 2 monitors on each. The PC does not care how large the monitor is, but I recommend staying with standard HD displays (1080x1920) so that you HMI software will be compatible on desktop units as well. This makes support easier. Most of the plants I work with have gotten away from the old school “control room” and use groov view so the operators have situational awareness and are free to move about the plant.

Is the PAC Display going to be 6 different windows from the one project or one giant instance of PAC Display?
The answer to that is going to change the tools used to make it happen.

Thanks for the feedback!
Six different windows on same insatnce of PacDisplay.

@rculp: my company has been doing this for years (even back to OptoDisplay, a precursor to PAC Display), and it’s pretty simple. I think you’ll be very happy with the results from PAC display. If you can find a Windows PC to support 6 displays (I know we were able to buy Dell PCs that came with factory support for 6 displays), you won’t have any trouble.

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