Video feed on alarm

In Pac display pro can you have a video feed window popup when I have a alarm event?

Hello SlimJim,

Short answer is it depends.

Long answer is yes, as long as you fulfill the following requirements;

  • Your video is either from an IP camera that has a URL for its video feed, or your camera is hooked to a video server that provides a URL for a video feed.
  • You are using PAC Display Pro.

Let’s assume you have both of those… how do we do it.

Find out the URL for the video feed.
The Vivotec cameras we use here at Opto display their video via the following URL:
This is just one example, the cameras we used at the hospital were Axis and their URL was more like:
Anyway, you get the idea of camera URLs.

Our video server PC here at Opto uses the following URL for the video on them;
Point is, you need the URL of your video feed…

Ok, once you have that, crack open PAC Display Pro Configurator.

Make a new window. Right here, you have two options.
You can make a normal window, and thus you can lay it out like your other windows if you like (color, title, fonts, navigation controls etc.).
Or, you can just go ahead and make the URL window that will have the video stream in it. (The problem with doing that is how are you going to close it, acknowledge the alarm etc).

I went and copied one of my other windows that had all the styles that I wanted.
On that window, I put a URL window… Simply select the URL window from the tool box (hint, it’s the one with the globe icon on it).
Double click on your URL object and enter the URL of the camera that we got earlier.

Ok, now, to make it pop open on the alarm…

From the menu bar, click on ‘Configure’, then ‘Window State’.
Click on ‘Add’ and then give this action a name.
Pick the name of this new window from the ‘Pop Window’ button.
Then set your ‘Trigger’. As you can see, it matters not if it’s a digital point or a variable.

Boom! You’re done.

When that point triggers, the window will pop open and you will have a live video stream from your camera embedded right in PAC Display.