Vertical Scroll Bar

I’ve noticed that when creating a page in Groov Build that a vertical scroll bar is included on the Groov View screen whether it is necessary or not. (I ran a test and put one small item in the middle of the screen and the right side vertical scroll bar still appeared.) Is there a away to have it only appear when needed? Thanks.

Which browser/operating system are you using? I’m on macOS 99.9999% of the time, so scroll bars are typically hidden unless I’m actively scrolling. I could easily just have missed it.

Glancing quickly, it looks like we might be deliberately setting the page container to be the size of the browser window + the size of the navigation bar at the top, which would explain why there’s a scrollbar.

I see this, too, in Windows on Chrome and Firefox.

I mainly use Chrome, so this is only for that browser…

Go to the Chrome URL bar and type in chrome://flags/#overlay-scroll bars
Scroll down to the bit where it says ‘Overlay Scrollbars’ and set it to ‘Enabled’.
Relaunch Chrome and you should be scroll bar free (as long as you don’t build your groov screen bigger than the browser window).

I’m marking this down as an issue to be addressed in the next release. No idea when that’ll be out though, sorry!

I am using Chrome and for the life of me, I can not get the scrollbars to appear. We use old touchscreens and need the scrollbars to scroll, we cant swipe with these touchscreens.

Yeah, I was overzealous in my attempt to fix the “scrollbar is always there” issue. It’ll be back in the next release, sorry. :grimacing:

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We really need a solution… Do you have an ETA?

I have a release candidate going through QA now, but I can’t point to a particular release date. In the meantime: can you switch browsers? Firefox and Edge display the scrollbar just fine.

Not sure if this has been updated, the latest Chromium browser has the ‘overlay-scroll bars’ flag removed. You cannot hide the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the screen. I found that this ‘feature’ was removed in late 2019. We are having trouble with this in our current project. Downgrading to a older version of Chromium does not play well with Linux Ubuntu. Is their another Linux browser that will play nice with Groov View? Firefox, etc.

Dave, correct me if I am wrong, but I think your application is more complicated than just a ‘play nice browser’… All the modern browsers work great with groov View… Your application needs a Linux embedded one that can be called from the command line with the necessary switches to turn off and on features for your end customer experience?

Yes, true. The Groov View running on EPIC is fine, as it does not use a browser to run View. The issue is with the embedded Linux application. We received another order of 24 more units, after almost 4 years. We are not at the point of implementing EPIC on these units, so we are dealing with the embedded version and having to run View on Chromium. That’s what I was referring to in my previous post. Maybe my comment was not meant for the current version of Groov View?