Vertical/Horizontal Sliders in PAC Display

Hi All
I was wondering if there was a means of modifying the behaviour of the vertical and horizontal sliders in PAC Display. Specifically, when the mouse button is clicked on the sliding object and the slider is moved, the value is only written to the controller on the Mouse-off event. This is actually different from the old school Factory Floor days in which the value was continually written live as the mouse button is held in and the slider is moved.

I was hoping there was some means in which I can de-activate this newer more limited “mouse-off” based writing of the variable to the controller and revert back to the old ways of continually writing the real-time varying slider value. This is useful say for doing finite adjustments of a valve opening or a volume knob where you don’t actually release the mouse button until you’re received the feedback you desire.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

At this time, I don’t think any additional settings are available.

This is a feature that I have asked about a few times. I never received any feedback on it. It might be a feature that isn’t used much at this time. With the age of touch screens, smart phones and tablets, I believe it will get used more and more. There are many uses for a “real time feedback” while using sliders and I hope they get this worked out. In my example picture, the Speed can be changed two ways: 1. Click on the value and the keyboard comes up and you type in the value or 2. You swipe left or right on the “knob image” and you can adjust it, but you never know exactly where you are at since the knob doesn’t rotate until you release the screen or the mouse button.

I would love to see this changed/improved in future updates.Ex_1000