Version 9.6 configurator won't add control engine

Upgrading 9.3 software to 9.6, and the strategy needed the IP addresses reconfigured for the new software. It all went good, adding new control engines and telling the program each IP address, until we got to the only Ethernet control engine that runs on a separate strategy. I would “configure control engine”, tell it where to find the strategy, and then add control engine and choose Ethernet, input the name and IP address, but when I click “finish” it returns to the control engine page and the control engine page is still blank. It goes through the motions of adding a control engine, but then it doesn’t add. Couldn’t figure out why.

Please shoot an email to
They will give you a hand to get up and running.

I have seen this on windows 7 machines, just before you open pac control, right click and select run as administrator. This will allow control engine add.

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