Value Box and Text Box Gadgets Contents Highlighted for Edits


Would it be possible for the contents of the Text Box and Value Box to be highlighted in its entirety when clicked to be edited? or the keyboard to focus on its content and activate the cursor inside the cell?

Currently, you have to click the cell, then click on the value and highlight it or delete it. I understand it could be limitations when it comes to browsers and how they respond.

Thank you.

Which version of groov View are you using, and which browser? I thought that worked correctly in all browsers. I just did a quick check here with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and they’re doing the right thing.

We are currently running groov version R4.2a (r57686) on Chrome. I assuming I need to update it, right?

Yeah, there was a fix for that in version 4.3a. Focusing worked properly on macOS and Linux, but on Windows we had to delay just a bit to wait for the renderer to catch up before focusing that field.

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