Using Pac Display Alarming to trigger Plants Audible Alarm

Is there a way to use Pac Display’s alarming functions to trigger a digital output for our Plant’s audible alarm? I’m planning to replace an old alarm annunciator panel, and it would be great to use the functionality of Pac’s alarming to silence, acknowledge and clear plant audible alarms.

If not, can someone recommend a simple way to program 60+ alarm points without creating a massive chart? I say massive, cause I figure I’m going to have to program in ways to acknowledge and prevent an active alarm from triggering the audible again when it cycles through the chart.

Thanks in advance

i have a standard alarm system chart that is used for our different processes. It is based on the built in alarms from PacDisplay that gets triggered from a 64 BitSet bit # for the visual display. The display also has an alarm silence and reset. The chart is very simply needing only one block for each alarm(if alarm Bitset x up to 63) The chart has about 10 blocks to control such items like a TPO to set the time on and off interval, along with just silencing the alarm which will not cause the horn to go off for the exact same one, and a reset alarm which clears the cue completely and if any alarms are active redisplay them and alarm. If this is what you may be looking for it could be posted maybe on the codes and samples.

Thanks PilotMan, I think I follow you, but would really like to see it. I checked in the downloads section and didn’t see any samples or codes, could you point me to the correct area, or share your chart and display?

Hi jamesslick92,

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Here’s a relevant excerpt from the PAC Display Users Guide (form 1702) about what you can write to a tag (including a digital output):

Alarm, Acknowledge, and Alarm Clear Notifications
You can have a value sent to a tag when any of the following alarm events occur:
• An alarm occurs
• An active alarm is acknowledged
• An active alarm returns to Normal from an alarmed state.

But since you also asked about other options, here’s an example chart that’s probably more fancier than you need (it lets you change which tags you want to monitor on-the-fly, sends email and more):

I’ve just added that link to This List of “Greatest Hits” which includes a number of examples from the forums and elsewhere that might be of interest to you also.

Hope that helps!