Using ODC5-I, please recommend a fuse to me

Using ODC5-I, please recommend a fuse to me.
Using five ODC5-I to control 19 relays, customers require that each control loop be fitted with a fuse. Please recommend a fuse suitable for ODC5-I. I hope there are specific models, easy to install and replace.

Thank you very much!:smile:

The ODC5-I is rated at 3 amps per module and 5 amps for 1 second. Use a fuse that you can buy locally along with a suitable fuse holder for your installation.
Fuse part numbers vary around the world, and what works for a fuse holder in my application may not be the best for yours.
Look at what other parts are used at the customers location - perhaps it is best to use something they already have in stock.

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