Using node red to set up an industrial drive using rs485 serial communication.

I want to set the parameters of an industrial drive using a node through RS485 serial communication.
In this project, I need to use the hex codes of an industrial drive and control the drive using the hex codes.
Can anyone help me with this project?

Welcome to the forums.

Your post is a little sparse with details.
Are you using groov RIO or groov EPIC?
Are you using a USB to serial converter for the drive? Or are you able to communicate via Ethernet?
What is the drive model number? Do you have a link to its communications manual/documentation?
Are you using Modbus or some other protocol?

Yes, I use a USB to serial converter for the drive
I can send the drive catalog. I think the drive is made in Asian countries.
I just want to use Modbus RS 485.
For this project, instead of sending register addresses, I want to send hex codes on the drive and set the parameters of the drive.

I would start with the USB to serial adapter plugged into a laptop or PC and use some Windows Modbus software to get the basic addressing and values sorted out.
Once you know you can read and write from the drive using PC software, then you can convert that knowledge to Node-RED.
If the drive has some programming software that uses Modbus that would be best place to start.

Just try and get one small thing going at a time, don’t try and jump in too deep with too many unknown parts in the data chain.

I want to set the parameters of the drive using node red and on the other hand, write a web-based mobile application for it.
The user can easily launch the drive through serial communication without the need for drive catalogs.