Using Ignition Edge to Connect to a PAC

I’m working on a proof of concept project trying to connect Ignition Edge (not the one in the new Groov) to a PAC. Within Ignition Edge (IE) there are a number of drivers for different PLCs but none for any Opto22 devices. How would I get to the tags on a PAC using IE, or can I?

Edit: As is often the case, I answered my own question. Here is the link to the Cirrus site with instructions on how to download and install the Ignition/Opto22 module:

I’ll let you know how it works.


Well done on finding the module (driver).
Just like PAC and groov, you can not get to smart points or PID’s. But other than that, it works great.
Was using it yesterday at work.

That was my experience as well. I followed the simple installation and configuration instructions and was able to mock-up a window using tags from the PAC without a problem.

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So now after paying for a full blown Ignition licence (about the cost of a moderately priced new car), and following the exact same procedure, I can’t get the driver to connect to the PAC. New installation, everything on the same subnet, can connect to all my Opto devices just fine, etc.

Since there are three companies involved here, Inductive Automation, Cirrus Link, and Opto22, who do I go to for support? I’m starting here because this is where I get the best answers.


I don’t have any answers, but I wouldn’t go to Cirrus Logic - they wouldn’t have a clue. However, Cirrus Link may.

Sorry. I knew it was Cirrus something…:wink:

Can you give us a little more detail about what you are trying to do and what you are seeing?
You say you cant connect to PAC, but you can connect to Opto devices. Which is which?

Sorry. Sloppy post born of frustration. In Ignition, you install the Cirrus Link module and it’s supposed to connect to the PAC. In the modules section of Ignition it shows enabled but not connected. There’s very little configuration to do other than give it an IP address.

What I meant about connectivity is that I don’t have any issues connecting to my Opto devices using PAC Control, PAC Manager, or PAC Terminal and it’s not a networking issue because everything is on the same subnet and I can ping the PAC just fine.

I hope that makes things a little clearer.


You didn’t change the 2001/22001 ports on the PAC by any chance?

What platform are you running the full Ignition Enterprise on?

The ports are the standard ones, 2001,22001.

It’s running on Windows Server 2012 R2 in a VMWare environment. All my Opto tools are on the same server and have no problems communicating the the PAC.

I know you have done this before, but just to be sure… From the top…
Ignition Enterprise.
Configure - Modules. Ver 3.4.1 Installed. Running in Activated mode.
Configure - OPCUA Server - Devices. IP address of SNAP. Port 22001.

I think here is where you hit the snag, it will not connect or stay connected right?
Or does it show ‘connected’ but no tags are showing up?
If its the latter, then what version firmware are you running in the PAC and what version of PAC Control are you using?

If it won’t stay ‘connected’ on the OPCUA Server, then I suspect a licensing issue.
Try uninstalling the license code and running everything in 2 hour trial mode. We had one customer mention they had some issues that were resolved by running in trial mode and then Inductive fixed them up once they proved it was a license issue.

I have tried all the configuration options several times including uninstalling an re-installing. I also changed the port from 22001(the default) to 2001.

The Cirrus Link module is running in trial mode as is everything else (I uninstalled the license). The driver shows “not connected”. It never has connected. The CL module shows “trial” and “running”. The firmware in the PAC is 9.5G and PAC Control is 10.0a.

One thing I did notice is the CL module was always in trial mode even with Ignition fully licensed. I didn’t see any way to license that module. I thought it was free.

I contacted CL support and they’ve bumped it to Opto support so I will work with them to see if we can resolve it. When I get a fix I’ll post it here for everyone’s benefit.

Thanks for the help, as always.

Problem solved!

I got a call from Julio Jimenez at Opto22 support and he pointed me to this technote, KB87534. With the new release of PAC Control (10.0a), you have to make the variables you want to use as tags public. This is a change from previous versions. If you have no public tags (I didn’t), the Cirrus Link driver will not connect as there are no tags to pull.

Here is the link to the Opto22 Knowledgebase article:

Thanks to all for their hard work on this issue.

I wanted to do a follow up on this issue. After getting everything to work I kept having to reset the Cirrus Link module in Ignition in order for it to update my tags. The module kept showing that it was in Trial mode even though I had a fully licensed version of Ignition. After a flurry of emails to all three companies, it turns out you have to buy this module from Inductive Automation. It was only when I went to my IA salesperson did I find this out (figures he would know :wink:). The cost turned out to be another $200.

I’m pointing this out so that if anyone else needs to use this module, it’s not free, and nowhere is that fact published.

Hope this helps someone.


To clarify the licensing issue with the Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC driver module (Opto driver module) for Ignition and Ignition Edge:

  1. The Opto driver module was co-developed by Opto 22 and Cirrus Link Solutions
  2. The Opto driver module is not free: It is available for $200 list price from Inductive Automation or Cirrus Link

The Opto driver module is compatible with both Ignition and Ignition Edge.

NOTE: If you purchase a groov Box (GROOV-AR1) along with the groov Enterprise license (GROOV-LIC-ENT), you will receive upon request a license for Ignition Edge/MQTT from Opto 22. This license is for use with the embedded Ignition Edge software on groov Boxes, and when applied in this scenario, a license for the Opto driver module is included at no additional charge. However, for groov Server for Windows, the driver module is NOT included.

If you purchased Ignition or Ignition Edge from Inductive Automation, the Opto driver module is NOT included. All modules and pricing are available on their website (however, the Cirrus Link groov EPIC and SNAP PAC driver is not listed in the pricing table; note to IA Sales):

I hope this helps. -Benson