Using Ignition 8 to copy AB PLC tags to PAC Control variable

I recently needed to move some data from an AB PLC to a Groov EPIC, and I found this old forum thread: How to map/move AB/Siemens PLC tags to PAC Control tags via Expression tags in Ignition Edge. The instructions were great, but they’re for Ignition 7, which I’ve been told by @Beno is end of life.

I figured out how to accomplish the same thing with Ignition Edge 8 running in the trial. It’s a little more cumbersome, but not bad. I went ahead and purchased my license from Otto, activated it, and my data transfer stopped working.

Apparently, with Ignition Edge 8, some of the features enabled by default in the trial, like running gateway scripts on events like valueChanged aren’t included in the default license sold by Opto22. I was able to contact Inductive Automation and purchase an add-on to my license (called the compute plugin) for an extra $400 and then everything worked great.

I wasn’t thrilled about the fact that I have to spend even more money than I planned on licensing for Ignition Edge, but I was glad the add-on was only $400 and not $4000 like some of the other add-ons. Just wanted to post here in case anybody else is in the same boat.

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@greichert Have you any thoughts on this?

To be clear, I intended this post to be informative, not whiny. I’m beyond grateful that a product like Ignition Edge is built in to Groov controllers.I was just surprised by a feature that stopped working once I applied the paid license.

I’m assuming this isn’t something that comes up regularly for Opto22 customers since you’ve been selling the Ignition Edge 8 license for a while, but I can’t find a way of syncing tags without the license for the compute plugin. If it is common, perhaps Opto22 could sell two versions of the Ignition license: one at the current (bargain) price and one that’s a little more expensive that includes the compute plugin.

Totally understood.
Keep in mind that we package vanilla Ignition. Its exactly the same version / licensing as Inductive sell, that way there are no surprises or custom licenses etc. ‘What works here, works over there the same’ sort of thing.
@greichert is a bit slammed with some special projects at the moment, but hopefully next week he can jump in here, but I hear you. We don’t want to go down the ‘special use case’ rabbit hole as every ones use case is very different.
That’s where Garrick sometimes has some tricks up his sleeve… Hes helped a ton of customers with their setups and might know of a slight-of-hand way of getting what you are looking for running with out the extra cost.

TLDR: Its them, not us.

I also totally get it. I’m really glad I’ve had the opportunity to use Ignition Edge for this project, because I’ve never had the opportunity to learn it before because we stick to using Opto22 products in-house. My company is currently working with an outside vendor on a custom build and the vendor only works with AllenBradley. I need to be able to pass data from their PLC into a Groov controller to supplement their programming, and they’ve been blown away with what I’m able to accomplish using an “off-brand PLC”.

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You are correct in that you do need the compute module for Ignition v8. We wrote up the steps in this forum post. Inductive Automation completely changed tags when moving to v8 to make it the tag database more streamlined. This did remove some key functionality of v7.

@greichert: I appreciate the follow-up. I hadn’t seen the forum post you linked to, just the earlier one that I previously linked to. I’m glad to know that I found my way to the same solution for writing AB PLC tags to PAC Control variables using system.tag.writeAsync.