Using Codesys to Control groov EPIC

I have a groov EPIC learning center and I’m exploring how I can use Codesys to control it. I want to be able to use the push button that is connected to channel 0 on the IACDCTTL-24 module to turn on the green light that is connected to channel 8 on the ODCI-12 module using a ladder diagram. If I simply insert a coil and assign it to the green light everything is fine and when I run the program the green light comes on. However, if I insert a contact to the left of the coil and assign it to the push button on channel 0 I get an error of “(Network 1 / Operand ‘GreenLED’ (Impl)): C0032: Cannot convert type ‘Tparam_32771_DF4F2BFB_DiscreteModuleInput_ChannelState’ to type ‘BOOL’”. So my thinking/understanding is without the push button activated the state of the contact is false so the green light is off, but once the button is pushed the state is true and would allow the green light to come on. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

The ‘Tparam_32771_DF4F2BFB_DiscreteModuleInput_ChannelState’, is the internal datatype, you need to use a mapped version of the state:

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