Use Node-RED to detect status of EPIC module?

In our EPIC we have installed a GRV-OVMAILP-8 in slot 1. It has turned from solid blue to solid red without any obvious reasons why, causing us to do a hard reboot. We have an open issue with Opto22 support at the moment, but in the interim, since the EPIC is inside of a closed electrical panel, we cannot see when it goes from blue to red. Can Node-RED be configured to periodically check the module status of the module LED?

There are two ways.
You can do an API call, or you can use a groov IO node to read the MMP address.



Note that the MMP area gives a lot of data as to why the quality is bad.

Is this from page 183 of the MMP protocol guide:

I’d be using this method to help PSG track down why the module is going into bad quality - ie, it might be some field sensor / wiring going out of range for example.

Thanks @beno Very helpful as always. I am going to set up a groov IO node to read the MMP address.