URGENT - Use Two Controller with I/oMistic

Hello, I will wish to use 2 SNAP-PAC controllers with I / O modules Mistic.
they use the same configuration.
pac controller number 1, uses a strategy with chart and controlle i / o
pac controller number 2, uses a strategy without any chart.
then I see the status of I / O in both Pac?
How to configure both controller?

Hello Helpme33,

I’m unclear about why you need 2 PACs here. What is the purpose of the second PAC?

In any case, it sounds like you could have both PACs connected on your serial link to the Mistic I/O hardware. They could be configured identically where the only difference between the strategies on each controller is that one has charts and the other has just the Powerup chart with no logic. I just don’t understand what you would want to do that.

Can you explain more about the overall project? Also remember that our product support is FREE and they’d be happy to help.