Urgent Help Needed With 2 way sms TX/RX on a R1 built in serial port!

Hey There can any one please supply me with sample charts or scripts to receive sms’s via a external wavecom gsm modem connected into the R1 serial port! I can send sms’s everything and already got my TX chart to suspend when not in use so that the RX charts has exclusive access until my system sends a sms’s! I already got the Wavecom AT Command List that gives me all the commands but i dont how to script them into opto. My RX Chart runs everything but i dont seem to get in any sms’s i send to the unit. I am new to this and was thrown deep into the ocean with this so havent had the chance to really understand how all of this works. Help or ideas would really be appreciated. Here is a thew examples of my code:sms TEST.zip (29.9 KB)

Hi EnZo1826,

There are a couple of examples in this post that might be helpful.

However, in the meantime, I took a quick peak at your strategy, in particular the chart called TestRX. Looks like you’re checking for errors on the variable called SerialPortAStatus. Besides checking to see if this value is 0 or not, it could also contain helpful info about what’s going wrong. (Might want to set a breakpoint before it gets overwritten by the Close which should always work and therefore will wipe out that info in SerialPortAStatus by replacing it with 0.)

Also, if you “inspect” your comm handle and maximize that variable, you can see if it’s “Open” and if any characters are coming in on it. Do you know what I mean?
Our product support group might be able to help you too…


hey thanks and got my testrx running and receiving sms’s now and i have set it to look for certain strings in the sms before it is displayed. Now i need to figure out how to convert those strings to commands like if i send start then it should start i certain device that i specify but i cant get that working and i would also like to know if it would be better to suspend my sendsms chart while my testrx chart is running or should i make it to first run my sendsms chart and then the testrx in a loop. I provided my new updated Control.Control.zip (28.5 KB)

Any ideas would help! Its been 2 weeks of late nights and really want get this done.

Could you re-upload that zip file? Looks empty to me…

Any thing you can share on this one EnZo1826?

I would really like to take a look at the topic of sending and receiving text messages directly from a controller.



Hey ben i would send you a chart that i made to tx/rx from the controller to a gsm modem! But i will do it as soon as i get to the office just busy with projects at the moment! But i will do it tonight and then you can have a look at it!


Hey here is my chart that i made using the 2 way sms’ing using a modem directly on the R1 so you can just import it into your strategy. Its not perfect yet but almost! Hope it helps and keep me up to date!!!:wink: