Uploading or Backing Up PAC Strategy

We have a customer with some machines with R2 processors that we didn’t build. They would like to make a backup of these controllers including the strategies. I don’t think we can upload the strategy with PAC Control, unless I’m wrong(?). I read that you can save the R2 to a MicroSD card. Will this save the strategy as well? For example, can they backup the R2 to a card then restore it to a new R2 if it ever needed to be replaced?


If you connect to the controller with PAC Terminal and then inspect it, it will clearly show you if there is an archive stored on the controller or not.
If there is, then you right click on the controller in PAC Terminal and upload the zip file to the PC and go from there.
If there is no archive, then there is nothing or or Opto can do to get the PAC Control strategy out of the controller… In this case using an SD card will not help.
If you do have the archive, then yes, you can use the PAC Manage program (instructions on the following in its manual) to ‘clone’ the controller on the SD card and thus quickly replace a controller if needed. We have a lot of customers using this clone feature.