Upload recipe via trigger problem

I am having a weird problem with a recipe file upload. I have the recipe set to trigger on the value of a Int32 tag (Upload_Totals). I have a chart that runs once per second and among other things increments Upload_Totals by 1 each second. When Upload_Totals reaches 61, I set the value of Upload_Totals to -1. I have my upload trigger set to occur when Upload_Totals = -1. (code is below):

// Upload Totals_Data Check: see if 1 minutes has elapsed, if so upload //
Upload_Totals = Upload_Totals + 1;
If (Upload_Totals > 60) then // 60 counts = approximately 1 minute
Upload_Totals = -1;

The weird thing is that this works well for awhile but eventually stops for some reason. It seems to be related to when I upload other recipes from my display program.

I’ve tried setting the trigger to occur when Upload_Totals < 0 with the same results.

Anybody have any thoughts on what might be going on?

Hi Maddosc,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble. This one sounds like you might want to contact PSG, our Product Support Group. It’s FREE!
They’ll want to know the version(s) of software you’re using. And be sure to mention what you observed about uploading other recipes.

Do those other recipes reference any of the variables you mention here?


Thanks Mary - I did send this to the PSG - they recently informed me that they think it might be bug.

I received a new beta version of PAC Display today from PSG and it looks like they fixed this problem. Thanks!

Excellent! That’s one of the many things I love about Opto 22 – we can respond quickly to help one way or another!
Thanks for reporting back.