Upload from the SNAP-PAC-R2 controller

I have a SNAP-PAC-R2 controller connected with 2 DI & 1 DO at a site, I need to add another DI module, I don’t have the opto database file[.otg] nor any supporting files, how do I retrieve the backup from the controller?
I have tried uploading the strategy from “PAC TERMINAL”, but there is an error while uploading which states " Timeout while connecting to device. Check hardware connection, address, power and jumpers. CODE -10038[ but I’m able to ping the controller IP, and application is running as administrator]
Please help me resolve this issue ASAP.

Soonest reply will helpful.
Please support

For support, please email suppot@opto22.com
You will get assigned an engineer and will get help much faster.

You may want t to try restarting the PAC using PAC Manager.
Sometimes that helps free up the host port if it is hung up.

Yeah, i will try that.