Upgrading Node-RED to R3

We are now adding another dimension to the GroovBox in that Node-RED has its own updates. If you check in your Manage and Update groov section you will now find two updates available. If like me, you probably missed the R2 update release which came out in November to resolve security issues and are now contemplating installing the R3 which appeared on 15th Feb 2017.

Quick question: Can anyone clarify if it is necessary to upgrade to R2 before upgrading to R3, or does R3 automatically include everything that was in R2. Something tells me it doesn’t purely on the size of the files.

Its probably also worth mentioning that restoring the groovBox to Factory Defaults, also restores to an image that was created when the groovBox was produced. This also means that you need to apply all of the necessary updates (admin, groov and node-red) that have been released since then. Although once you have logged in, they are all there on the groov software upgrade page, from personal experience its probably worth keeping a locally saved copy to avoid a lengthy download session.

And to anyone who is wondering is it worth it upgrading to R3, the answer is YES. Never mind about the bug fixes. These two features on their own make it worth while

1) Quick-add nodes/wires [Ctrl-Click] avoiding mouse fatigue scrolling up and down the node menu looking for that node you know exists, but can0t remember which group it is in.

  1. Better Debug Panel avoids having to try and decipher payload contents and then discovering that things are not where you expected them to be or the right format to display them. The debug window has been improved extensively and there are a number of “easter eggs” options to discover.

All the new features / changes / fixes can be found in the document.


To update to version 3 of Node-RED for groov Box, you need to have minimum groov Admin 1.570.44. But the current version of groov Admin is 45, and it includes a security fix. So if I were you, I’d make sure my Box has Admin 45.

If you have groov Admin 45, you already have the version 2 upgrade of Node-RED. Here’s why: We first added Node-RED to AR1s in groov Admin 44. When we released the Node-RED upgrade v2, it was delivered as part of groov Admin 45.

But with v3, we are now starting to deliver Node-RED upgrades separate from groov Admin. That’s why the file size on v3 is much smaller than the file size on v2.

Bottom line:

  • If you have groov Admin 45, just upgrade to Node-RED v3.
  • If you have a lower version of groov Admin, upgrade to groov Admin 45 and then Node-RED v3.

And good point about factory defaults. That really does mean putting the Box back to where it was when you first got it, so you do have to install upgrades since then. Thanks for mentioning that.