Upgrade from Ignition 8.1.17

We are using full Ignition, version 8.1.17, on the EPIC PR2 and need to upgrade due to a bug in that version which directly impacts our OPC UA connections and data collection. I am curious what the best way is to upgrade just the Ignition component (I’m assuming SSH to the command line and run the Linux installer) and any other tips before I go down this path. Thanks in advance!

Using the GROOV-LIC-SHELL would allow for SSH access, and you could then load a different version of Ignition.

This is not recommended, as the version you are installing will have not been tested with all other software features on the EPIC.

We are working on a new firmware release due out next month. This will update the version of Ignition on the EPIC.

Feel free to email me if you need any help with this.

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Thanks @greichert - we can probably limp along for another month since we know what causes the CPU/memory degradation. As long as we do a clean restart of the EPIC (restarting modules within Ignition does not solve the problem) and be sure we don’t create any device tag subscriptions within Ignition, we should be good for now.