Updating the Loader on a SNAP R2-W Device

hi, i have a snap pac r2-w with Loader Version R6.0b, i want to upgrade to install a 16gb SD. You can tell me the correct firmware download link for it, since the one on the page does not apply to my model.

I’d really like to get that fixed. Please link me the page you are talking about…

Working through the documentation trail… I did the following…
First, checked out the KB article on the subject.

Seems that the date code of your controller is more important than the current loader version, you don’t mention its date… so we keep going…

Next up, we probably want to update the loader anyway, so lets download it.
This covers all our R series controllers.

In case you need a refresher on how to update the loader, here is the doc on that,

You also want to put the latest firmware in there, so head back to the downloads page and pull your controllers firmware.

Be sure and backup everything first.
If you are using any persistent variables, you should back them up.

Ensure you have a current copy of your strategy and with that, you should be good to go.

the team date is 02/11 (Feb-2011), and that 6.2c version tells me that it is not compatible with my snap pac r2-w. thanks for your help.

Hmmm, we might have to get you to contact our support team, but one last thing to try before doing that.
Lets have you get Loader Version 6.1a and try that.
To get older versions of firmware (and software) you need to visit our FTP site.
I find it works great with Firefox, but you might find another tool to browse it.
Here is where you will find the older loader versions;

good morning, I’m sorry for the delay, just today we are at the client to perform the aforementioned update, but the link stopped working. it will be possible to send the file to the email of this account, or to generate a new link. thanks


If you tell me your email address, I can email you a copy of the 6.1a loader.



OK, just sent it. I was having trouble connecting to our FTP server from outside of our network. I was able to VPN in and get it. If you need anything else feel free to reply directly to my email.

you saved me, thank you very much.

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