Update Snap EB2


I have an EB2 snap with firmware version 8.5, I want to update it to the latest version available, to do it it generates an error “not enough space for firmware file”;
is there any special procedure to update?
Should updates be done in sequence?

Thanks a lot.

Be sure and use the latest version of PAC Manager. It has the updates to do the firmware update via the bridge mode automatically.
If it still fails, I believe that its worth trying to install R9.5a first before jumping to v10.
You can download that version from our FTP site.

Lets know how you get on.

Also, if it still fails with the latest PAC Manager, reboot the EB2 and try again. For some reason about 50% of the time I need to do a reboot after it fails the first time and then it works. These are on devices that probably haven’t been restarted in years.

I have the latest version of pac manager, I’ll try 9.5, thanks.


I will try with the restart, thank you very much for the contribution.