Update PLC using microSD

We have a customer with many machines running PAC-R1’s that we are getting ready to do a large update to (new firmware, strategy, HMI…). I am trying to build an easy method for them to update all the PLC’s using a microSDHC card. I am testing this at our facility (with an R2) and can’t seem to get it to work the way I ‘think’ it should. Been following form 1595 and here is what’s on my sd card…

  • opto22/config/config.cfg
  • strategy/quadv.cdf
  • command (text file: Krn R2-R10.4d)
  • R2-R10.4d (firmware file, note I deleted the “.bin” from the name, unclear if this is required or not)

I insert the card into the PLC (while powered on) and hit the reset button until the state light is solid green (couple seconds), after a long pause the light will go to green/amber briefly then back to solid green.

It’s been a while since I’ve personally used the SD card option, but I know a lot of customers do.
Have you also reviewed the section on using the SD card in the PAC Managers users guide—Form 1704, starting about page 190?
There is some overlap, but there might be some useful tips there.

Also, just double-checking: You don’t want to ‘clone’ the existing controller; you want to update the firmware and strategy completely. Are there any persistent variables in the existing strategy that need to be retained?
What about its IP address, are they all the same?

Lastly, I’m sure you saw the section about the change in SDcard behavior we made between 9.0a and 9.4a.
That has caught a few folks out in the past.

Took a look through 1704 and there might be some tidbits there that are helpful. I am using a 4GB card, SDHC, since once source says this amount is okay. The 2GB limit seems to be for SD only, but to be sure I’ll get a 2GB card to test this.

We are updating everything; IP, firmware, and strategy. Nothing will be retained. If you have a suggestion other than the SD card please feel free. I haven’t had to do this type of mass update before.