Unable to Write to Groov Data Stores with Node-RED running on PC

Hello all,

I am unable to send information to the Groov Data Stores remotely from a windows pc running Node-RED.

What would be the problem causing this?

I get a Certificate has Expired Error first then an unknown name error.

What is the correct format for entering in the information required to write to a Groov Data Store from another device?

Both devices are on the same network btw.

It’s a side effect of using a self-signed certificate on your groov Box (which is what it ships with). Node-RED’s defaulting to being safe: it will refuse to talk to a system with an unverified certificate. I’m gonna bug someone here to figure out how to work around that; I don’t know Node-RED at all myself.

Side note: we get around this with Node-RED on the AR-1 because it can talk to groov without an SSL connection. We don’t expose a non-SSL connection to the world for safety reasons, but it’s ok when things are just going over a local connection (e.g. no traffic goes out over a wire).

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HMM… thank you for the information. Please keep me in the loop if possible. Thanks again.

Ok, so there’s a UI in the groov Data Store nodes to specify a certificate to trust. You’ll need the certificate for your target groov server in PEM format. I don’t off the top of my head know how to get those off your groov server on Windows, but on macOS you can export them from Keychain Access after trusting them in Safari.

Once you have the file, the UI to configure certificates looks like this: