Unable to Send Emails from Node-RED on Groov AR1

Hello All,

I am unable to send emails using node red in my groov box. It seems that the email node needs to be updated as it seems to be outdated and thusly deemed insecure by most email providers.

Has anyone been able to successfully send emails using node-red on an Groov AR1?

Help please.

I also had trouble sending emails from outdated email nodes, but updating Node-RED to v0.17.4 fixed them for me. After upgrading I’ve been using a gmail account with “less secure apps” enabled, and in the email node I have “Use secure connection” ticked, with the default port and server.
I haven’t had it working with an account that has two-factor authentication, though, so I’d recommend making a separate account just for Node-RED to use that is less secure apps enabled and only single-factor password authentication.
With those settings and the update it has been working great for me. I hope that helps!

To update your Node-RED instance log into manage.groov.com and put in your activation key (you can find this in groov Build, under Configure -> Licensing) to get the list of update files. You’ll want the most recent Node-RED for groov box update, which right now, for v0.17.4, is version 4: node-red-ar1-4-r43518.upgrade.
Once you’ve got that file go to groov Admin, choose to upgrade Node-RED from the quick start menu, give it the upgrade file, restart your Node-RED instance from Node-RED Admin, and you should be good to go!