Unable to launch Ignition Edge. Is this a firewall issue?

I’m using a Groov Epic and attempting to launch Ignition Edge through Groov Manage. I have my Epic connected to our wireless network and am able to remote into Groov Manage through that network. However, when I attempt to launch Ignition Edge (both by clicking ‘Open Ignition Edge’ and by typing in the URL manually ([host IP address]:8043) I get the message shown in Chrome. I also tried visiting that address in the Microsoft Edge browser and had the same issue.

I suspect this has something to do with my Windows firewall, but I’m confused because I was able to launch it normally a few days ago. Could it be that my free trial is up?

Your right, its a firewall issue, but not with Windows…

Im guessing a few days ago when you could get it to, you were on Eth0 network…

Flip both of these on (click save between each) and you should be up and running.

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