Two PAC Control strategies on one groove EPIC?

I am pretty sure this is NOT possible, but just wanted to confirm it is not possible to download 2 PAC control strategies into a groov EPIC. I was exploring an idea whereby one EPIC would independently control 2 different machines (with different I/O modules), but before I went down that path, I figured I would check here.

Hi Grant -
You are correct, only one strategy at a time.
But you might consider the multitasking capability of the PAC Control. More charts… more control. Add the IO and the charts to handle the second machine.
The plus side is its like getting a second controller for free, but the downside is that you’ve combined 2 machine controls into one project. Any time you download or update firmware, etc, you affect both machines.

Good question. Technically, you can not run 2 separate “strategies”, but you could certainly write charts for two different machine controls. EPIC can run 64 simultaneous charts, so you could dedicate 32 to each machine (and likely you won’t need all 32).

Make sense?

Yes, understood! Thanks Dave & Dan. I am indeed going to add more charts, I/O, etc. to a single strategy. Should be straightforward to set up.