Trouble communicating to the Groov while in virtual machine (VMware)

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been asked before - I searched and came up with nothing. Also, apologies in advance as networking is probably one of my weaker skills.

I’m trying to keep our development environment separate on VMs to avoid conflicts (a certain competitor has software that is just a nightmare to have running on the bare machine with other things), but I can’t seem to communicate to the groov. I can’t even ping the controller. I get “destination host unreachable.”

This is my setup:

VMware Workstation 15pro. I have my network settings set to bridged (I’ve tried NAT and host-only as well to no avail). I’ve set my IP to static and matched the network identifier and subnet (for example if the controller is w subnet mask and the VM to with the same subnet mask). Also, I’m working off ETH0.

What am I doing incorrectly here? Any and all help would be appreciated.


I personally have not done it, but I know of several customers that have run groov on a VM just fine.
At a guess, it sounds like a firewall issue.
Can you take it down for a quick test?
At the very least you will need port 2001 and 22001 open (22001 being the most important).

EDIT. Very remiss of me… Welcome to the Opto forums!

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply. I disabled the firewall and reset the vmnet0 network adapter and everything is working great now.

Thanks again!